Yoga For Healthy Stomach | Diamond Pose | Yoga Tak

Yoga For Healthy Stomach | Diamond Pose | Yoga Tak

Vajrasana or Diamond Pose is one of the easiest yoga postures to do, and it can be done by anyone without adding stress to the other parts of the body. This pose helps to reduce all types of stomach related problems.

Unlike other asanas that should be performed after a gap of at least three hours after eating, this is one asana you can perform immediately after eating. It is also effective in relieving urinary disorders and helps to reduce weight. This asana will also relieve you from stomach ulcer issues. Diamond pose has been proven to remove acidity problems as well.

Avoid this posture if you have any knee problems.

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Yoga Instructor: Garima Bhandari
Director: Austin Paul
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Editing: Piyush Choudhary
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