Vudu Now Offers Family Friendly Streaming

Vudu has introduced several new features designed to make its streaming service more family friendly. This includes the option to skip objectionable content, a new kids mode limiting what children can watch, and ratings by parents for parents.

Vudu is Walmart’s streaming platform. It offers a selection of movies and TV shows to stream online. Vudu offers content for free (ad-supported), and even more content to rent or purchase. And now it’s becoming a little more family friendly.

Vudu’s Family Friendly Streaming Features

In a post on The Vudu Blog, Vudu announced a suite of new features. According to the company, these “offer customers the ability to control and customize their entertainment viewing experience to better meet the needs of their family and their values.”

The first new feature is Family Play, which lets customers “skip or mute objectionable content, including substance abuse, language, violence, sex, and nudity, based on their own preferences.” Family Play is currently available on over 500 titles.

Next up are Ratings and Reviews From a Parent’s Perspective. Vudu has partnered with Common Sense Media (which offers recommendations for families) to help customers “gauge if a film or TV show is appropriate for the little ones in their homes.”

Finally, a new Kids Mode gives customers “the ability to provide a safe watching experience for their kids.” When enabled, Kids Mode limits the content kids can browse and watch based on their age. Again, with the help of Common Sense Media.

How to Get Started Using Vudu

All of these features are available across Android, iOS, the web, and living room devices. And Vudu claims to be the “only streaming service to offer a comprehensive solution to safeguard content for viewers.” Which is certainly a bold claim.

For many children, streaming media is now the norm. Which is why it’s so important streaming services offer parental controls. And Vudu has outdone itself here. If you’re new to Walmart’s offering, here’s everything you need to know to get started using Vudu.

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