The Awin Group gifts €20,000 to support local communities this holiday season

As a historic year concludes, the Awin Group invests €20,000 on behalf of our partners to local COVID-supporting charities worldwide.

This year forced everyone to review the status quo and quickly adapt to something we had no real comprehension of. A core focus of the Awin Group throughout 2020 was ensuring clients felt supported during a difficult time. On that note, we thought it made sense to extend that support to those who need it most during the holidays. With that, we hand over to Awin COO Adam Ross who personally thanks clients for their continued partnership throughout 2020 and touches upon our global initiative. 

2020 has forged many new learnings and shown how we all provide pillars of strength and solidarity within our communities when needed most. As such, we felt it appropriate to invest our holiday budget into rebuilding communities where Awin Group offices are. While a lot of work is still required, we’re thrilled to support the cause in any way that we can. See an overview of local charities donated to below with hyperlinks for if you’d like to donate. 

Awin and ShareASale want to express our gratitude for another successful year. Please stay safe and well this holiday season.  


North America 

  • US | Baltimore: The Maryland Foodbank ensures Maryland’s local communities have enough nutritious food to meet their growing need both today and for the foreseeable future, as well as providing a safety net for those who may be facing food insecurity for the first time. 
  • US | Chicago:  My Block, My Hood, My City helps underprivileged young people overcome poverty and violence. Furthermore, My Block, My Hood, My City is donating food, medicine, hand sanitizer and toiletries to seniors amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

South America 

  • BrazilChildFund Brasil provides kits with food and essential hygiene items to children from vulnerable families to help with COVID-19 as part of their current campaign, “No virus, no hunger. Compassion.” Our donation will help not only in preventing the virus from spreading in vulnerable communities but also support children whose parents lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 


  • Benelux: Rode Kruis has been selected for their four-tier support throughout the pandemic with medical help, food aid, shelter and psychosocial help for those who are either alone or need it throughout the crisis. 
  • DACH: Die Tafeln in Germany collects surplus food and distributes it to those in need. With an extreme increase in help needed throughout COVID-19, the donation will go towards feeding many across Germany this holiday season.  
  • Eastern Europe and the Nordics: Centrum Praw Kobiet (Women’s Rights Center) is dedicated to fighting for equality by supporting women against all forms of violence and discrimination in private, public and professional life. This important initiative is highlighted more so with an increasing amount of women not being able to leave a home environment. 
  • France: Foundation de France assists carers, helpers and people in highly vulnerable situations who have been hit hard by coronavirus.  
  • Italy: Sociolario’s daily mission is to support those with disabilities and their families. The pandemic forced many to change the way they usually operate, and this donation will help with projects and activities to take part in either virtually or at home. 
  • Spain: Banco de Alimentos de Madrid obtains food for distribution and re-distributes to those in need in Madrid. The demand for food has increased more than 40% since the beginning of the crisis in Madrid, and Banco de Alimentos de Madrid serves 190,000 beneficiaries through 540 legally-recognized charities.  
  • UK: In Kind Direct has unveiled a Christmas with Kindness campaign that will see the delivery of a range of essential products from basics to meaningful feel-good gifts to those across the country who are facing a very different holiday season this year. 


  • Australia: Malpa Project was founded to address the vast inequality in health between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. The donation will help aboriginal leaders keep their communities safe from COVID-19 and support the “Young Doctors” program, training 2000 young aboriginal Australians, ensuring they get an experience that puts them in charge of their future. 

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