ShareASale integrates tracking with Awin’s MasterTag technology

Now available for all merchants, ShareASale affiliate tracking now offers integration with Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag to further futureproof your business.

Brought to market 10 years ago, Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag technology is a powerful piece of JavaScript that sits across all landing pages, handles all affiliate tracking, and remains the foundation of all of Awin’s new tracking enhancements. ShareASale is thrilled to offer our merchants integration with this trusted technology solution, affording them all of the benefits of Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag, including:

Futureproofs your affiliate program tracking

As first-party cookie technology, Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag ensures tracking is compliant with ITP and other browser restrictions limiting or completely eliminating affiliate tracking reliant on third-party cookies – something of particular importance in this current digital climate where browsers continue to clamp down on third-party cookie tracking and the adoption of ad blockers is on the rise. The MasterTag integration provides a durable tracking solution for your affiliate program and the wider performance marketing industry, offering a robust and reliable solution for marketers to track online campaigns and interactions.

Implements adaptive solutions

With MasterTag, ShareASale can quickly adapt to pending browser changes, mitigating impact to the tracking of your affiliate program during a user journey and ensuring no activity is lost. Once initially implemented by our merchants, Awin upgrades, manages and optimizes tracking on its end to ensure it’s always operating under best practices. This means there is no additional client work required following MasterTag’s initial set up, making it easier for you to focus on the day-to-day.

Offering the Advertiser MasterTag to our merchant partners is another way Awin and ShareASale are providing added value to our clients across our combined trusted platform offerings. The MasterTag is streamlining opportunities, safeguarding the channel, and providing enhanced solutions.

Now is the time to integrate with Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag to futureproof your affiliate tracking. Contact our merchant development team today to get started.

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