Save the Date: Awin Group Travel Sector Insights Webinar

Following our global telco & services and retail webinars, Awin’s Joelle Hillman examines our networks performance across travel.

Of all the industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, travel has faced the most profound challenges… travel restrictions, border lockdowns, a slump in consumer demand and existential questions about the industry’s future. 

However, as destinations begin to open up again and anticipate welcoming travelers from around the world once more, how will brands, agencies and affiliates need to adapt their marketing strategies? And what will travel consist of in a post-coronavirus environment?

To hear more about the state of travel advertising right now and what it means for the affiliate industry, join Awin’s Joelle Hillman and our panel of experts from the travel sector for this special webinar discussion. 

RSVP for the Awin Group Travel Sector Insights webinar here, as well as register your interest  for our upcoming fashion sector webinar. 

Missed your chance to attend our telco & services global sector webinar? Watch it here. For more information on COVID-19, please visit our information hub where we bring you the latest news from Awin and ShareASale, as well as links to network insights and useful pointers, alongside wider updates. 

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