Make the most of your time at ThinkTank

Our annual ThinkTank event focuses on bringing together top partners across Awin and ShareASale.

Every part of ThinkTank is carefully and thoughtfully considered with the hope that the agenda is equal parts educational and fun, and offers a heavy focus on providing growth opportunities for our partners’ affiliate programs.

Whether you are new to the ThinkTank scene or a veteran attendee, it is always good to review the ways in which you can make the most of your time for maximum return. All it takes is a little planning in advance: What are you goals for the show? What do you hope to take away? Is there a way for you to measure ROI?

To help you optimize your ThinkTank experience, we’re sharing our top tips.

Be present

We have thought long and hard about the agendaspeakers, panels, and topics are covered at ThinkTank. Every single agenda item was intentionally chosen. Even if you think a session might not apply to you and your business, we recommend putting those laptops away and showing up ready to learn. You could be surprised and find that the speaker offered a new perspective or valuable knowledge that inspires your next project.

Use the app

Consider our app (coming soon!) your official ThinkTank roadmap. Find out where you need to be and when, discover the latest list of attendees, target brands and publishers you’d like to meet with, reveal the floorplan to the venue, and unlock loads of other useful pieces of knowledge…. maybe even a few fun surprises.

Plan ahead

A large majority of our event is filled with dedicated time to meet with other attendees during the 1:1 Partner Meetings. Maximize this opportunity by planning your meetings ahead to ensure you can connect with everyone you wish to at ThinkTank. If you don’t schedule a meeting with them, someone else will.

Network, network, network

Another key aspect to ThinkTank is providing plenty of networking opportunities. We have built in both formal meeting times and social events for our attendees to meet and mingle. Sometimes, the best business is done in relaxed settings, so don’t skip out on events like our Welcome Happy Hour or the Network Awards at Adler Planetarium.

Pack for success

ThinkTank attendees have worn a variety of attire in the past, everything from suit jackets to t-shirts and jeans. There is no official dress code, but we do encourage business casual. Some other good items to pack in your suitcase include:

  • Sweaters or light layers – sometimes the ballrooms get cold
  • Comfortable shoes – long days mean lots of time on your feet
  • Business cards
  • Water bottle
  • Mints and gum
  • Bag or backpack
  • Notebook or laptop
  • Portable battery

Need some additional ThinkTank guidance or prep tips? Email us at and we’d be happy to assist. Not yet registered? Apply to attend today!

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