Let’s make a positive impact, together.

Like never before we are being asked to adapt our behavior in unprecedented ways, leaving us concerned about the effect of coronavirus now and longer term. 

In this time of crisis, it is remarkable to see just how many of our partners are quick to act in exemplary ways, already offering encouragement, services and financial support to our communities in need. Please share with us your support so we can highlight your work as words of encouragement for all. Outschool.com – one of our Awin advertisers – is now offering free educational instructions to families and teachers affected by school closures. Under Armour has expanded their military discount to first responders. And our publishing partner Forbes highlights great ways in which we can all make a difference by summarizing companies who are giving back during the coronavirus pandemic.
Your support demonstrates that with any crisis, we are offered a different perspective and with this, we can discover new opportunities. Given our performance-based model, we are convinced that affiliate marketing will remain one of the most attractive forms of advertisement during an economic downturn. However, we’d like to encourage you to utilize this time now to reassess, optimize and expand your campaigns to benefit when markets recover.
Inspired by your work, we will be providing focused guidance across a number of topics in support of your business, starting with a free webinar hosted by acclaimed social media strategist Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketing, who, alongside Awin’s Jeannine Crooks, will provide actionable advice on how to grow your social media reach and engagement during this difficult time. 

FREE WEBINAR ALERT: Friday, March 27 at 2pm EST

Three Things You Can Do to Sell a Product Tomorrow

Hosted by Moolah Marketing’s Rachel Miller and Awin’s Jeannine Crooks, they will review how to drive revenue for your business by leveraging your social media, including: 

    1. Via a company page
    2. Via a Facebook Group
    3. Via an individual profile

Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Additionally, we understand that having the right tools is critical. For these reasons, we would like to demonstrate our support in waiving all access fees for our merchant recruitment tool and Program Academy, available now through Wednesday, September 30, 2020. 

Recruitment Tool

Drive revenue for your business by recruiting new partners on to your affiliate program with our recruitment tool! With this tool, you can send targeted invitations to publishers you’re interested in working with based on niche, relevance and performance criteria.

Now available automatically for all merchants in the ShareASale interface! No action needed.

Program Academy

Program Academy provides the know-how on running an affiliate program on ShareASale – covering everything from the basics of setting up your program, the best ways to communicate with affiliates, the variety of ShareASale tools and technologies, and the expectations of maintaining a successful affiliate program. The goal is for you to learn the essentials of an affiliate program and how to optimize your program in a complex digital landscape using our tools and technologies. 

Sign up for free access to Program Academy today! 

Please stay tuned as we are releasing more guidance over the coming weeks to get us through this difficult time. You will find these summarized on our Awin Group blogs shortly.  
Please join our challenge, and let’s make a positive impact, together. 

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