COVID-19 Coronavirus guidance for merchants – 10 program optimization tips

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in uncertain times with many of our merchant partners reaching out to our teams for guidance. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 10 tips to mitigate any disruptions you might be experiencing during the current market conditions.

1. Access our free platform training

Sign up for free access to our Program Academy. This coursework informs on the essentials of a successful affiliate program and provides strategic insight on how to elevate your program in a complex digital landscape, effectively using ShareASale’s tools and technology.

2. Discover new partnerships

Expand your affiliate base by recruiting new partners on to your program. With our recruitment tool you can send targeted invitations to publishers you’re interested in working with based on niche, relevance, and performance criteria. Watch our tutorial for further details on how to use this tool. This tool is now automatically enabled for all merchants to grow your partnerships via the ShareASale platform.

3. Explore other publisher verticals

This might be a good time to also trial partnering with publisher across new verticals and categories. Our publisher success team will be happy to assist you with publisher catalogs summarizing curated partners for key verticals.  Additionally, please fill out a quick survey to ensure new opportunities are passed to you as they arise.

4. Enhance your program tracking

Ensure your tracking is fully implemented and optimized to streamline partnership opportunities, safeguard your program, and provide enhanced tracking solutions.

  • Awin MasterTag Integration – Recently released for all merchants, ShareASale affiliate tracking now offers integration with Awin’s Advertiser MasterTag to enhance and futureproof your tracking.
  • Mobile App Tracking –  ShareASale integrates with several app service providers to provide in-app tracking, including Appsflyer, Branch, and Kochava.

Please contact our merchant development team if you are interested in either of these integrations or connecting with someone about your affiliate program tracking.

5. Spend smarter

Optimize your commission payout by leveraging our commission rules and attribution solutions to incentivize new publishers for joining your program and to reward your top performers.

6. Analyze and adjust

Stay on top of your program’s performance with our reporting suite. Proactively identify trends and adapt accordingly to avoid making rash decisions that might impact your bottom line.

7. Communicate effectively

In these changing times, it is easy to get overwhelmed which makes it especially crucial to regularly communicate with your partners. Segment your affiliate base using our tag functionality and use our all our newsletter capabilities to seamlessly share any initiatives you are working on, new upcoming deals or offers, changes in terms and conditions, or any other important.

8. Keep your program terms current

If there are business changes, keep your affiliates informed and adjust your terms accordingly.  For example, you might need to consider editing your program’s Tracking Gap to adapt to inventory restrictions, longer shipping or delivery windows, return policies, etc.

9. Learn from others

Find inspiring affiliate channel success stories, past and present, from top brands in the Awin Report. These case studies can help shed light on how these retailers grew their exposure and online sales through their affiliate partnerships.

10. Look for the good

In this time of crisis, it is remarkable to see just how many of our partners are quick to act in exemplary ways, already offering encouragement, financial support or critical services and products to our communities in need. Please share with us your support so we can highlight your work to the wider network.


The affiliate industry is all about building partnerships and growing a strong network. In a world where events suddenly seem overwhelming, we hope that ShareASale can help foster and maintain the personal relationships that bind our industry together. That’s our commitment to you.

If you have any concerns or questions about potential impacts to your individual account, please contact our Merchant Development Team at For more information on COVID-19, please visit our information hub where we bring you the latest news from the Awin Group, as well as links to network insights and useful pointers, alongside wider updates.

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