Chrome 80: Safeguard your ShareASale API with HTTPS protocols

Minimize any affiliate program interruption by auditing your ShareASale account API integration.

Earlier this year ShareASale released an update regarding steps we were taking to ensure continuous tracking during the Chrome 80 browser changes, which included limitations on cross-site cookies to HTTPS connections. To ensure continuous tracking during this change, ShareASale updated all tracking links to HTTPS to increase security standards and make relevant attribute changes to cookies.

As a continuation of our efforts to ensure tracking validity with the Chrome 80 update, ShareASale will only support secure API requests starting April 13, 2020. After this date, all unsecure (HTTP) legacy API requests will no longer return viable results. 

Because HTTPS has been both a web and ShareASale standard for many years, the Chrome 80 update in February either had no effect or improved upon tracking for most accounts on our network. Legacy merchant and affiliate accounts, however, should perform an audit on their account to verify all current requests are made with secure API request code. This entails the crucial step of switching ShareASale API integrations to originate from a secure server using HTTPS protocol. The update will guarantee a successful return of your API calls – whether to process order reconciliations, pull reporting information or provide routine program updates.

If you have any concerns about this update or questions about impact to your individual account, please contact us at We also recommend reading the Chromium blog and using Google’s recommended tools to ensure your site remains compliant outside of ShareASale’s tracking and subresources.

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